Shandong new hui construction group co., LTD,The original vice-county institution of dongying city water conservancy survey design,Founded in1984Years6Month,2001Years2Dongying city government approval,Formal restructuring designed for dongying city new send water conservancy engineering consulting co., LTD,And dongying city in shandong province water conservancy system design industry take the lead in complete system reform,And in2007Group set up in。Since the restructuring,New hui group with the support of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life,Through the general staff of the struggle,Realize the leapfrog development,From a single gradually developed into the design of the unit...[For details]

Group performance

  If the new,And new for a day,And the new。In the tide of market economy development,New hui group to encourage technology innovation,Actively promote the new technology、The new material、The new process,Has the introduction of high-tech equipment,With advanced concept、Advanced technology well completed one after another excellent project,A benchmark in the industry in water of the Yellow River delta。

Hot spring hotel

New HuiDong coast hot spring hotelIs a comprehensive new hui group's hotels,Total building area10000m2,The courtyard layout,Can provide food、Accommodation、The meeting、Leisure, recreation and other comprehensive services。The hotel has different decorate a style to the banquet rooms both home and abroad15Between,And hold120The grand ballroom of repast of guests at the same time。Comfortable spacious、With all kinds of forms77Rooms are equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV)、Broadband port, etc,On the quality of your rest at the same time bring convenience to your daily life。The hotel is equipped with can accommodate15A reception room、Accommodate50The multi-function hall and accommodate160A large meeting room for people,And to preserve one's health、Health care...[For details]

The phone:0546-2166555;0546-2166099

Address:Kenli kenley modern fishery demonstration area(Red avenue and southeast yongfeng road intersection)

The enterprise culture
An enterprise name:Shandong new hui construction group co., LTD
Foreign:“Shandong new construction group”Or“The new group”
“All rivers run into sea tolerance is a great”,New hui group, like the waves bursting out in the sun。Layers of waves, such as rapid surge of vortex,The talent、The skill Converge to a point,The seagulls fly into,Soar into the tide of market economy。Passion is color、Fluid dynamic shape、Passion and tension…
Having both simultaneously Professional services
——Core values
The good faith is responsible for Innovation Win-win cooperation
——Enterprise business philosophy
Noble moral sentiment Solid work style Superb professional skills
——The spirit of enterprise
Gen enterprise in one hundred Enjoy a quality life
——Corporate vision

Real estate development

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